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Friday, 19 July 2024
Rathkenny Parish Church

  The Church of St. Louis and St. Mary


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In the year 1973 the foundation stone for this modern church was blessed and work on its construction commenced. The architect was David Duignan. The contracted builder was Patrick McCabe and the estimated cost was one hundred and twenty thousand pounds.

At a special Mass and consecration ceremony in 1974 Most Rev. John McCormack officially opened the church and dedicated it to St.Louis and St. Mary. Fr. Hugh Clyne was parish priest of Rathkenny at this time. Fr. Michael Murchan, who took responsibility for this project, was curate.


Parishioners and friends rallied wonderfully to the fundraising events regularly organized. To these funds were added loans from the diocesan building fund and monies loaned by individuals with no interest charged. To the joy and satisfaction of parishioners and priests alike all debts were settled and loans repaid by late 1982.

The story of the church that this new church replaced, is for another time.

This church is the venue for the celebration of the sacraments of Baptism, First Holy Communion and Confirmation. It is appropriate that these sacraments of initiation be celebrated in the parish church where the parish Baptismal Font is located and where there is appropriate space for parents and children to gather for these special occasions. (Click on the two pics above for useful links)

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