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Sunday, 20 April 2014

SCHOOLS:  Past and Present

At his visitation of Rathkenny in 1799 Dr. Plunkett, bishop of Meath, offered " congratulations on the male and female schools established and supported by Baron Hussey and his Lady"

The Education Report of 1826 states that 20 Catholic children attended school at Rathkenny in a house built of lime and stone. It was erected by subscription in 1810.

The same report mentions a school held in the chapel of Rushwee and attended by forty four children and a school held in the chapel of Grangegeeth. It was attended by one Protestant and thirty one Catholics. There was also a school at Gernonstown held in a room in a mud cabin. A sum of five pounds was " paid to the master by subscription of Catholics for educating poor children of their Communion". The Report of 1835 mentions a hedge school at Rathkenny, opened in 1834 where the children were taught reading, writing, spelling and catechism. A national school was opened in Creewood in 1833.A school at Grangegeeth came under the Education Board in 1840.

In 1969 Creewood and Grangegeeth schools were amalgamated. Special buses were commissioned to transport children, inconvenienced by the closures, to their new school venue at Stackallen.

Rathkenny School

School Charter


St. Louis National School

School Rd., Rathkenny, Navan, Co. Meath

Telephone 046-9054417


Miriam Coogan - Principal


Stackallen School:


St. Patrick's National School

Stackallen, Slane, Co. Meath.

Telephone 046-9024207

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James Hoey - Principal