Saturday, 25 May 2024


 Easter Season begins on Easter Sunday and ends on Pentecost Sunday . . .

altEaster is 50 days long, seven weeks plus one day, a week of weeks. Easter Season is to the year what Sunday is to the week. We live as if God's kingdom has already come - because it has. We put aside our fasting for feasting and celebration. We splash ourselves with baptismal water to remind us of our share in Jesus' Resurrection. We make "alleluia" our song because we delight to praise the Lord.

The stories we read from scripture are of the encounter betweenalt Thomas and the risen Lord, of meals with Jesus, of the Good Shepherd, and of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit.

As the Church baptized new Christians at the Vigil, so now in the Easter Season we often celebrate Confirmation and First Eucharist, Marriage and Holy Orders.

All the days from Ash Wednesday to Pentecost are the paschal season, the springtime of the Church.

Pentecost - Ordinary Time - Liturgical Year