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Monday, 27 September 2021
Need for Parents to be vigilant: PDF Print E-mail

School teaches children 
about 'Multiple Genders' 
Without Parental Consent

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Huxley wrote prophetically about this in the 1930's. Already, the classroom is the target for the New Barbarian in our times. Parents, be vigilant!

The New Barbarian and His World

The great British essayist Hilaire Belloc (1870-1955) has described the new barbarian in unforgettable terms:

"We sit and watch the Barbarian, we tolerate him;
in the long stretches of peace we are not afraid.
We are tickled by his irreverence,
his cosmic inversion of our old certitudes, 
and our fixed creeds, refreshes us; we laugh.
But as we laugh we are watched
by large and awful faces from beyond;
and on those faces there is no smile."

It has been 2000 years since Christ came into the world. 20th century man has difficulty imagining what it must have been like before the dawn of Christianity - to live in a pagan world ruled by fear and superstition; a world without conscience, without mercy. A world where the barbarian waited at the gate to rape and pillage and trample all vestiges of civilization beneath his feet.

. . . . the New Barbarian . . no longer waits at the gate but lives amongst us. He has traded his loincloth for a white jacket or designer suit; his spear for a degree. He may even wear a smile - or at least the mask of a smile. He tells us what he is all about and what he intends to do and we tolerate him. We even welcome him into the public square, into the classroom and into our homes. We are not afraid! He tells us he has come for our children and we give them over to him. We dismiss with disdain those who sound the warning trumpet, calling them disturbers of the peace. We tranquilize our conscience and we laugh. We are not afraid!

Let us then have our fill of laughter now, for when the world of the New Barbarian comes, all the laughter will end. We will have entered the "Brave New World" and there will be no turning back.

True to Huxley's prophetic vision (written in 1931), the world of the New Barbarian will be:

".... A world of absolute sexual license
and absolute reproductive tyranny
....where sleeping children begin their education
with forty minutes of indoctrination
on Elementary Sex and Erotic Play
followed by Elementary Class Consciousness
.... A world of Malthusian drills and birth control cartridges
- of abortion centres to dispense with young 'mistakes'
- and death conditioning and crematorium units
to dispense with old 'mistakes'.
.... A world where the word 'mother' is an obscenity
and 'father' a scatological reference'
....A world without family, without fidelity
- without heroes and without villains.
....A world where one must be faithfully promiscuous
because "everyone belongs to everyone else".
....A world where thoughts of a Supreme Being
have been banished from the human consciousness
and replaced by a loyalty to the Fordships
who control the ruling biocracy
under the World States' motto - COMMUNITY,
....A world where "Truth is a menace" to universal peace
- and religion is pornography.
Most importantly it will be a world of supreme darkness
because it will be a world without Love, without Hope,
without Christ - who is the Light of the World. ."
                                 Aldous Huxley Brave New World Bantam Books, NY, 1960 Paperback Edition

 (abridged from Randy Engel  Sex Education: The Final Plague)


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