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Saturday, 19 June 2021

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St Conleth

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St Conleth was thought to be from the Wicklow area. Joined St Brigid's community in Kildare as a priest. Was venerated as a great saint. Cogitasus, in his Life of Brigid, refers to him as bishop and abbot of the monks of Kildare. He is buried beside Brigid in the great church there.


Bl Edmund Rice

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Bl Edmund Ignatius Rice, 1762-1844, was from Callan,
Co. Kilkenny. After his young wife's early death, he sold his possessions and dedicated his life to educating the poor. To advance the work he attracted like-minded men, who took religious vows and embarked upon the Catholic education of boys. He is a model of patience in suffering; a true lay apostle and deeply committed religious.

Edmund was beatified by Pope John Paul II in Rome on 6th October, 1996.


2010 Commemoration
New Centre in Waterford