Friday, 19 July 2024

The Sacred Vessels and the Linens for Mass:


The Chalice:

A cup of precious metal (the inside must be gold or gold-plated), that holds the wine to be consecrated at Mass. This wine, mingled with a droplet of water, becomes (by transubstantiation) the blood of Christ, and is held up to the Father, in atonement, at the Consecration of the Mass.



The Paten:

A small plate of precious metal upon which the Communion bread, that will become the sacred Host at the Consecration, is placed upon. The Paten is then placed over the Purificator and Chalice.


corporal20The Pall:
A small square of stiffened linen, or of cardboard covered with linen, used to cover the chalice and protect its contents from the elements, especially when Mass is celebrated outdoors.

The Purificator:
A small linen cloth used by the priest to dry his fingers and the chalice, when he has washed and purified them after Communion.

The Corporal:
The linen cloth spread by the priest on the altar at the beginning of Mass. The chalice and host rest upon this cloth.



The Burse:  Made of stiffened material, it has a pocket in which is place the carefully-folded Corporal, upon which may have fallen some particles of the Sacred Host during the Mass. The Burse is place on the Chalice Veil.


chaliceveilThe Chalice Veil:  Is placed over the Pall and Chalice in readiness for Mass, and when Mass is completed. Its colour varies according to the ecclesiastical season.




ciboriumThe Ciborium:
A large cup of precious metal with a cover of the same material, that contains sacred hosts, consecrated at the Mass or at a previous Mass, for distribution by the priest, or on occasion by an extraordinary minister, to the Faithful in Holy Communion.