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Wednesday, 23 April 2014
Same Sex "Marriage"


David Quinn debates with Ivana Bacik on "Today with Pat Kenny"

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(It gets particularly interesting around 13 mins 30 secs)

The point was successfully driven home that this is really a debate about children and that if we redefine marriage, we will be declaring that motherhood and fatherhood are of no real value to children or society, an absurd and unjust proposition.

Marriage as presently defined recognises that the differences between the sexes are real and that motherhood and fatherhood are two distinct and irreplacable roles that cannot be substituted for by a gender-neutral vision of parenting.

The rights of gay people can be secured without redefining marriage. Asking us to pretend that motherhood and fatherhood have no special value is an inherently unreasonable demand. (Iona Institute)