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Sunday, 20 April 2014
Should be celebrated with joy and sobriety: Pope

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During the Regina Coeli prayer, Benedict XVI talked about children's First Communion. He specifically called on Catholics, to remember that  the celebration should be solemn, so as to not overshadow the true religious meaning of the occasion.

“I call on  parish priests, parents and catechists to prepare this feast of faith, with great fervor but also with sobriety. This day remains imprinted in memory as the first time that one senses the importance of having a personal encounter with Jesus,” said Benedict XVI.

The Pope then talked about the moment when Jesus appeared before the apostles, ate with them and helped them overcome their doubts about faith, so they could in turn understand His Passion and Resurrection.

He reminded people that even today, Christians can also count on the real presence of Jesus through the Gospel and the Eucharist.

“In today’s Gospel, the risen Lord opens the minds of the disciples to the meaning of His suffering and death, and sends them out to preach repentance. With courage and joy, may we too be authentic witnesses to Christ.”

Among those present in St. Peter's Square, were several children who released balloons into the air, to ask for world peace.