Sunday, 17 January 2021
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Fourth Sunday of Adventadventwreath4
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                                   Keep Christ at the centre of Christmas

This is the theme of the Bishops’ letter for the reopening of churches.
We extend our sincere gratitude to parish teams throughout the country
- including stewards and cleaners - who
generously ensure that our churches are safe environments where people can confidently assemble for worship. Their task, as Christmas approaches, will not be easy and we appeal to
all the faithful to cooperate fully with them.      (a copy of the letter is in the porch of the church)
Kells Cleaning Services have been contracted to sanitize Rathkenny church, which will allow the rapid turnover of Masses, without the usual cleaning times.
Bishop Deenihan has written a Christmas message to us all and copies are available in the churches, and on the parish website, SEE LINK BELOW.  

Masses this week

Saturday 6.30pm Rushwee          Michael and Mary Brady
               7.30pm Rathkenny

Sunday      10am Grangegeeth     Noel Morgan and parents Tony and Rose
             11.30am Rathkenny        Patsy Halligan

Monday       9am    Rathkenny
Tuesday  7.30pm   Grangegeeth   Madge White
Wednesday  9am    Rathkenny
Thursday     5pm    Rathkenny     Christmas Eve
               6.30pm    Rushwee  
                    8pm    Rathkenny
                  10pm    Rathkenny

Friday.         9am    Rathkenny     Christmas Day
                  10am    Grangegeeth
             11.30am    Rathkenny

FROM SATURDAY 26th (St Stephen's Day)

                                                                SEE WEBCAM LIST ON FRONT PAGE

Saturday.   11am    Rathkenny       (St Stephen's Day)   
               6.30pm    Rushwee         Edward and Joe Corrigan

               7.30pm    Rathkenny
Sunday      10am    Grangegeeth
             11.30am    Rathkenny      John, Maemie and Teresa Meade

The bishops, in their recent letter, encourage us to experience the spiritual richness of the season; to have a crib or Nativity scene (from a card) in a prayer space in our homes.
special prayer for Advent is available at the churches so that we can be united in prayer, at home or in church, over the next few days. Click HERE
A Special prayer for Christmas Masses is available HERE, and in
the churches. 



  • Numbers will be limited, so please consider how you might spread your attendance over the 7 Christmas Masses, and 5 on next weekend. The bishops, in their guidelines, suggest attending Mass on any of the 12 days of Christmas.
  • Outside speakers will be available, as will a Mass which will be available online.
  • St Vincent de Paul will have some new challenges to face this year. Thanks to all who supported their collection last weekend. Envelopes remain available to help this worthy cause, and thanks to the volunteers who put a human face to our help, with their kindness and confidentiality.


Online donations can now be made to parish and diocesan collections
via the Diocesan website HERE

 Please read the note from the Bishop, attached below.

           Note from the Bishop: